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American Made Vinyl Fence Fabrication

Made_In_USA Vinyl fence

The base ingredient in this fence is Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride. Modified to provide superior impact strength and ultraviolet resistance. Virgin vinyl is the highest grade, pure vinyl. Custom engineered to accommodate temperature changes and maintain durability. Every fence we make has color retention technology which helps protect it from the rays of the sun.

Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty on Materials & Workmanship

Lifetime Warranty Vinyl Fence
Best Price Fence

Best Price Guarantee
Rest assured that you are getting the best price from beachyard fence. We are so dedicated to providing our customers with unmatched services that we offer a best price guarantee on all vinyl products. So, what does our Best Price Guarantee mean for you? It means we will match or beat any written estimate from a competitor with a manufacturer lifetime warranty that covers the buyers fence against weathering, fading, chalking and exposure to sunlight. Chances are if the Manufacturer excludes weathering and exposure to sunlight they are probably using re-grind recycled plastics that wont last long before breaking down.

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Online Measure Service:
Todays technology makes it easy for us to be able to measure your yard with aerial views and measuring software. We can simply measure your fence online and provide a free email quote. Give us a call 949-777-6757

Vinyl fence color and style options
Privacy vinyl fencing in every color.
Wood grain vinyl fencing options and colors.
Decorative vinyl fences
Front yard vinyl picket fences. Beautiful front yard orange county california.
Vinyl Ranch Rail
Redwood Dog-ear Fence with metal Posts.
Wood Fence Contractor
Steel Fence Contractor
Aluminum Fence

Custom Carpentry 
Our customer had a wonderful idea that came to life. Our master carpenter lead this project and created a one of a kind fence. This is a must see if you're in San Clemente. If you have an idea, our skilled carpenters can make it a reality. 

SimTek Composite

Graffiti Resistant

simtek composite fence
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Features That May Affect Cost

There's no such thing as a uniform price when it comes to the cost of fence installation. Here are a few features that may impact fence installation cost around your home:

  • The Size of Your Yard - Large yards require more materials and incur more labor costs than smaller yards.

  • Materials - Fencing is available in a variety of materials. Here's a list of the most commonly used types
    Natural & Pressure Treated Wood - Durable and ideal for traditional style homes.
    Metal & Chain Link Fencing - Whether iron, aluminum or classic chain link fencing, these materials are very durable and often cost-effective to install.
    Composite Fencing - Available in a range of looks and styles, composite fencing is strong, durable and an ideal pick for a designer-inspired home.
    Vinyl Fencing - Incredibly popular due to its durability and weather-resistant nature.

  • Style - The fencing style you choose will impact your overall installation cost. Wood picket fences, for example, involve more time and require more care to install correctly. Additionally, special features, like a lattice top, will also impact overall installation costs. You'll need to get an estimate based on your style preferences and property needs.

  • Labor - Certain areas, such as hilly or rocky spaces, may require additional removal tactics, skills and time, raising the cost.

  • Geography - Installation prices vary by location. Tough terrain and difficult locations can increase the cost of fence installation.

Additional Considerations

  • Installing a fence is often fairly simple; however there are some additional considerations to keep in mind. Remember that these are just a few considerations and that every construction project is unique.

  • Permits: In some areas, you'll need to pay for construction permits to build a fence.

  • Tear down/haul away existing fencing: These costs vary based on the amount of fencing and the weight of fencing to be removed. Tough terrain may increase these costs.

  • Brush removal and landscaping: Tackling as much of this job on your own as possible will save you money.

  • Gates: Single, double, sliding and customized gates are essential for many styles.

  • Soil conditions and terrain: Installation areas with rocks, hills, poor soil or a hard dig may incur additional costs.

  • Custom modifications: These may include custom vinyl color, fence modifications, custom gate styles, gate hardware, solar caps, decorative post caps and more.

  • Property considerations: Make sure pets are secured inside your home or in an enclosed area away from the installation site. You'll also want to make sure that you block out time to be present during the first and last phase of the installation process.

  • Lumber market conditions: The price of lumber is subject to market conditions, so installation cost can vary.

City Code Considerations

Each city has different rules in regards to how high you can build your fence and where fences can go. A majority of cities in Southern California (especially Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego) do not require a permit for fences as long as you follow their specific rules for fencing. Across the board, most cities in SoCal will allow you to build a fence up to 6’ high on the side and back of your property, and up to around 42” high for the front of the property. Fence height is traditionally measured from the side of the fence that has the higher grade.

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