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Redwood Fencing 
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Residential, Commercial and Industrial Grade Wood Fencing
Redwood Dog-ear Fence with metal posts.
Redwood Cap & Trim Fence

Custom Wood Fencing

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Glass & Wood Fence 

Beachyard Fence has been keeping dogs fenced in since 2017. Are you in need of a fence but also have a wonderful view. Many new home owners / dog owners on the coast face this problem of preserving the view for a home that never had a fence. We can build a redwood fence that supports glass, maintaining the view and keeping the dogs from jumping the fence at the same time. Here we cut back the overgrowth from the bushes and framed the fence from the ground up. We came back 2 days later with our tempered glass and finished adding the trim pieces.  

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Redwood Board on Board 

Beautiful and traditional Redwood Board on Board build with a kicker board / mud board at the base of the fence. The neighbors have elevated soil and needed a solution for keeping the soil at bay, without losing square footage or breaking the bank, buying a retaining wall. The low cost alternative in this case we installed brown stain "ground contact" pressure treated lumber. Then built the fence right on top. This way the redwood stays dry & not in contact with the soil or moisture. 

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Horizontal Cedar T&G Fence 

We prefer to build with redwood but if your considering painting your fence, a great cost saving alternative to redwood would be a well built cedar fence. On this project we used cedar ridge and valley boards for a modern yet traditional wood fence feeling. Our skilled carpenters built a horizontal swinging gate to match the fence we installed.  

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Custom Carpentry 

Our customer had a wonderful idea that came to life. Our master carpenter lead this project and created a one of a kind fence. This is a must see if you're in San Clemente. If you have an idea, our skilled carpenters can make it a reality. 

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